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Are you looking for mouth guards in Kingston that can help protect your kids who fond of playing sports outside? Warm weather invites for a sport in season. If you wanted to make sure that the member of your family who loves sports will be safe from any oral injuries, don’t hesitate to contact our Kingston dental clinic.

If you would like to play sports without worrying about the oral injury you might get, our professional Kingston dentists will be glad to ease your worries. Not only that, since this is a one stop dental clinic, rest assured that you’ll get the best dental services that will make you smile confidently. The team ensures that your teeth will keep its aesthetic appearance as well as its function.

Why Do You Need Mouth Guard?

The usual injury when it comes to sports is dental injury. According to the American Association of Orthodontists (ADA), the survey they conducted showed that 84% of players don’t wear the said mouth guards. Some say that wearing mouthguards is not really required in some sports though wearing other protecting gear is needed, like helmets, shoulder pads, goggles,  or a shin guard. Nevertheless, the mouth guard does not only function to save your teeth, but it also protects your jaw.

If you are a young athlete, you will be benefited once you wear a mouth guard. To name some, sports like wrestling, football, soccer, lacrosse, and basketball pose a higher risk of mouth and jaw injury. The chances of suffering from mouth and jaw injury are minimized by using a mouth guard; this is the main reason why you have to get one. Compared to regular mouth guards, athletic mouth guards are a thin and elastic lot of plastic that is implanted in the athletes’ mouth over the teeth to help prevent oral injuries during sports activity.

Kinds of Mouth Guards

Our Kingston dental service offers three different types of mouth guards, depending on your needs.

  • Stock and boil-and-bite mouth guard

Usually found on sporting good shop or store.

  • Athletic mouth guard

This may vary in terms of cost and comfort you’ll get.

  • Customized mouth guard

This is fabricated by orthodontists or dentists, which is considered as the best protection option.

Our Kingston based dental team guarantees a fit, durable, and easy to clean mouth guard. An effective mouth guard should be tear-resistant, resilient, and comfortable to wear. Meaning to say, it should fit properly should never restrict your breathing or speech. Generally, it only covers your upper teeth.

How To Take Care Of Your Mouth Guard?

Like any appliance which you utilized in helping your teeth, a mouth guard should be taken care of properly. If it doesn’t serve its purpose, it must be replaced with a new one. Here are tips on how you can keep your mouth guard clean and in good condition:

  •   Always store it is a protective case
  •   Keep away from chewing it
  •   Softly scrub it with toothpaste and toothbrush
  •   Keep the mouth guard out of the sun or hot water to avoid it from deforming

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