Kingston Dental X-Rays

Kingston Dental XrayWould you like to smile confidently? Then, our dentistry services are perfect for you. From dental x-rays to preventive care, we got you covered!

Our licensed and professional Kingston dentists will help you diagnose, evaluate, treat, and prevent oral cavity diseases. Not only that, but we will also ensure that your teeth will maintain their aesthetic appearance and function.

Many oral abnormalities and diseases can be detected through careful dental x-ray procedures. So, as a patient, it’s an excellent idea to undergo this dental examination.

Why Do You Need Our Dental X-Rays?

Dental X-rays are important parts of the dental care treatment plan. Other than being diagnostic, the procedure can also be preventive. They help our dentists in Kingston diagnose whether or not there is a potential oral care problem in your mouth. So, a major oral problem can be prevented.

Furthermore, dental X-rays allow our dentists to:

ü  Find out if you have oral cavitiesKingston Dental Xray Cost

ü  Check the health of your bony area around the tooth

ü  Look at your tooth roots

ü  Identify whether or not the periodontal disease can be an oral care problem

ü  See the status of your developing teeth

Is It Safe to Undergo Dental X-Rays?

Our Kingston dental X-rays are safe procedures. You may have heard that all kinds of X-rays require radiation. However, dental X-rays only come with very small radiation.

As we utilize up-to-date digital X-rays, you can expect that you will have less exposure to radiation than traditional film X-rays.

In our daily life activities, we are exposed to some level of radiation, especially if you often use home appliances. That is why our dental assistants responsibly take precautions and put heavy aprons on. We use only aprons with lead inside, which will help in blocking the radiation from your body. Through the little collar part of the apron, your thyroid is completely protected. Overall, you will have minimized exposure to radiation.

How Often Should Your Teeth Be X-Rayed?

The frequency of having our dental X-rays will depend on your dental and medical history, as well as your current condition. Some of our patients required these procedures as often as every six months, while some of them who have no recent dental problem and visit out clinic regularly get the procedures every couple of years.

In case you are a new patient, our Kingston dentists will take X-rays as of your initial dental exam. This will also create a baseline record that we use to comparing possible changes over time. We want to make sure that before you undergo a particular dental treatment, we know exactly the condition inside your mouth.

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