Kingston Dental Fillings

Kingston Dental FillingsDo you love to eat foods, especially when these are your favorite, delicious food? Our Kingston dental clinic knows that food is the best comfort when we are tired of everything. With so many foods available today, we want to remind you that there is no reason not to get cavities because of it, especially the sweets.

Some of our patients are the ones, who since childhood, tend to crave sweets like lollipops, candies, and so on. Then, sometimes they tend not to brush their teeth, especially when they are already sleepy.  After all, this is a bad habit! Little do they know that there is a bit of sugar that stays on their teeth. This is why they can have cavities that can lead their teeth to decays. 

What To Know About Dental Fillings?

Our team offers the best dental services in Kingston! We are well-trained professional Kingston dentists to give you the best dental fillings.

You can check out these materials that you can choose when you want to get a dental filling!

Our Kingston dental clinic offers many materials for dental filling. You can choose from gold, silver amalgam (made of mercury combined with copper, zinc, silver, and tin), porcelain, plastic materials and glass. Those substance are called composite resin fillings. The area and portion of the decay, the filling materials’ cost, and the insurance coverage of our patient and the recommendation of our dentist are the assistance and factors that you need to consider on what type of filling suits for you.

Types Of Dental Fillings

  1. Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings
  • The versatility of use – additionally, composite fillings can be used to treat or repair worn, broken, and chipped teeth.
  • Sparing preparation of tooth – there is less structure to removed rather than the amalgam fillings when preparing the filling and removing of decay.General Dental Fillings Kingston
  1. Silver, Amalgam Fillings
  • Durability– this can last  for 10 – 15 years rather than composite fillings
  • Expense – less cost rather than composite fillings
  • Strength – this can stand the chewing forces
  1. Cast Gold
  • Strength – this can stand the chewing forces
  • Aesthetics – this look more pleasing for some patients rather than the silver and amalgam fillings
  • Sparing preparation of tooth – there is less structure to removed rather than the amalgam fillings when preparing the filling and removing of decay.

Dental Fillings Kingston CostWhen you already choose one of these options, you can visit our Kingston dentists for more information about it. You can also ask questions or information that are not yet included here. We are hoping that you will give your trust to us. We will surely make the best dental fillings for you. As our team wants you to be comfortable to smile when you met or pass by the person who knows you.

We want you to keep smiling, always. Laughter is good hopes even though you’re in pain. Let us do the work for you. Just get ready and call us now.

We will be happy to see you in our dental clinic and meet our friendly Kingston dentists! Our team will give you a better smile you truly want to have.