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We have knowledgeable, professional, and licensed Kingston dentists that will help you to evaluate and treat your teeth problems that you currently have. Aside from that, rest assured that we are always here to help you in maintaining the good appearance and aesthetic of your teeth.

There are lots of teeth problems that can be solved with the help of the dental bridges process. Some of you might have a full or partial dental bridge. This is a condition where a person has a missing tooth or teeth.

The traditional process of dental bridges is being performed by making a crown for the implant of a tooth that will be placed on the side of the missing teeth or tooth. On the other hand, a cantilever bridge is being used when there is a tooth or teeth on a single side of the open space. If you have a gap between your teeth that makes you less comfortable smiling in front of many people, you probably need the help of our Kingston dental clinic team.

Things You Should Know About Dental Bridges

1. It will help your remaining teeth to stay healthy and strong

2. If it is your first time to use the dental bridge, it is a must for you to chew small morsels and soft foods.

3. You should not eat unhealthy foods, such as sugary ones. This is mainly because it will accelerate the build-up of unwanted bacterial decay, such as plaque on your teeth.Dental Bridges Kingston

4. After installing your bridge, you might get sensitive in eating cold or hot dishes.

5. You are required to maintain the oral hygiene top to ensure that your bridge is stable.

Are Bridges Safe for Teeth?

You can make sure that our dental bridges are being done with a correct and safe procedure. This is because we are using high-quality equipment and more advanced technology. If you are asking if dental bridges are safe, yes, it is a hundred percent safe.

Since the dental bridge process needs to be done with care, our team uses the top-notch equipment that will not cause any damage to the final product. Performing the dental bridges process by our Kingston dentist is safe for your remaining teeth. Little did you know that when you have a dental bridge, it will help your remaining teeth to stay functional and healthy.

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