Kingston Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding KingstonDental services consist of so much more than the known tooth extraction or dental prophylaxis. In fact, dental services can provide not just cures for the aches and pains involving the mouth or oral hygiene, but it can also help in the improvement of the aesthetic condition or its general appearance.

Our dental clinic consist of Kingston dentist professionals who are experienced and experts in a variety of dental services including cosmetic dentistry. Generally, our work involves those dental works that aim to improve the appearance of the teeth or gums or the alignment of the bite. It focuses on the look and not necessarily on the purpose or performance of the teeth. One such procedure is dental bonding or composite bonding.

Our Kingston dental bonding service involves the repair and restoration of your damaged or discolored teeth. We do this by placing a material that closely resembles the material of the teeth and, as much as possible, closest to the natural color of the surrounding teeth.

Safe & Easy Procedure - Dental Bonding

This procedure is not invasive and usually does not require any form of anesthesia. Our Kingston dentist may, however, opt to use a numbing agent should there be a need to drill the tooth in order to excise or remove some rotting or decay or if you are particularly sensitive. After the preparatory activities have been done and completed, the application of the composite will be performed. This is in order that the material to be bonded will merge easily with the existing tooth.Kingston Dental Bonding Near Me

We will then proceed with the sculpting of the enamel-like material so that it can resemble the figure desired, taking into consideration the shape of the mouth, the bite, the surrounding teeth, and the shape of the previous tooth that is sought to be restored or repaired. Once this has been completed, the dentist will apply a curing light, which is a high-intensity ultraviolet light to harden the sculpted tooth. Then, we finish the process off by polishing the tooth so that it will have an appearance of health and vibrancy.

Our dental bonding procedure is highly effective in fixing any chips, discoloration, or any unsightly deformity that the tooth may have. It is also very economically convenient is the most accessible among other cosmetic dental procedures.

How Long Will The Dental Bonding Procedure Last

Kingston Dentists Dental BondingOur service can be completed in one session, and the fittings can be done within our dental office by our experienced Kingston dentists.  the sculpting of your tooth is accomplished without having to make a mold in order that the same can be sent out to an outside laboratory. Therefore, the result desired can immediately be seen or achieved after just one dental visit.

We Guarantee our Service

Since the dental bonding procedure is not invasive, it also tends to retain most of the original tooth and protects the remaining tooth material. There are many positive aspects of dental bonding, but with proper care and oral hygiene, we, at our Kingston dental clinic, guarantee it will not get discolored or damaged for a longer time.