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Kingston Emergency Dental ServiceA dental emergency can happen at any time. For example, you can suffer from broken teeth or teeth knocked in playing contact sports such as hockey or football.  It’s best to call us – your trusted Kingston emergency dentists if you need emergency dental services.

We’re open to serve you 24/7 and provide the best emergency dental service you need. We’re credible and trusted by patients in the area because of our polite and fast response. We exert effort and always do our best to reward their trust in us.

Do you want to experience the quality emergency dental service we offer? Then, you’ve come to the right site! 

We Offer The Following Dental Emergency Services:


An abscess is an infection that happens between the spaces of your teeth and gums. People with abscess feel pain and swelling in the gums or teeth. If your abscess, call us right away! We’re ready to serve you any time!

Bleeding Cheek, Lips, Gums, Tongue &Teeth

Dental emergencies don’t usually occur in the teeth. But take note that dental problems are also experienced in other parts of your teeth.  For example, your cheeks, lips, or tongue might bleed due to injury and accidents.Kingston Emergency Dental Service

Schedule an appointment with our Kingston dentists, and we’ll bring back your smile!

Broken Or Chipped Tooth

Who wants to experience broken or chipped tooth? Of course, no one wants to have a broken tooth or even a dislodged tooth. But accidents might cause broken teeth.  Don’t worry!  Our Kingston dental clinic is here to serve if you have chipped tooth!

Broken/Lost Crown Or Filling

A broken crown or filling is very painful. You can put the broken crown back over your tooth using denture adhesive or toothpaste. Then, you call us right away, and you wouldn’t experience worries again. Our skilled Kingston dentists would replace the broken or lost crown for you!

Local Swelling

Some might experience local swelling due to tooth decay or gingivitis. In case you experience tooth swelling, it’s wise to call the dentist at once. Who are the best dentists to call? Yes, you can call us to check your teeth and solve the local swelling problem.

Reliable & Fast Dental Emergency Services!

Dental emergencies require the assistance of a reliable and experienced dentist.  The dentist would check your gums and tooth to determine the dental problem your experiencing.

Let us solve the dental problem for you!

Emergency Dental Kingston DentistsPeople who experience severe tooth and gum pains are required to see the dentist right away. We are efficient, skilled, and available to assist you with the dental service you need. Our dentists aren’t only polite but passionate as well to patients in need of immediate dental care.

We serve you in the best way we could. Here, we make sure that pain due to any dental problem goes away. We’ll take care of you and make you smile again!

If you need emergency dental care, call our dental office now! Schedule an appointment, and you’ll be satisfied with our emergency dental services!

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